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About Us


As an established professional Osteopathic Practice we focus our time, care and attention to the interests of every patient. Our aim is to get you out of trouble and functioning better as soon as possible. At this practice we allow one hour for your initial consultation, examination and treatment so that we really help you on your way to recovery. We are close to Redhill town centre with easy access by car, foot or public transport. Founded in 2005 by principle osteopath Adrian Steel, Redhill and Reigate Osteopathy is now a key provider of muscular-skeletal pain relief for the local community and beyond.

We also believe that osteopathy goes much further than pain relief alone. It is also about health and well-being. Whether you be a fit and active individual or someone who just wants to cope better with the day to day pressures of an increasingly hectic world, our objective is to help you achieve this.

Redhill and Reigate Osteopathy is dedicated to the alleviation of discomforting pain for people of all ages and backgrounds, improving quality of life, health and general well-being. Effective and safe treatment approaches, whether gentle or a little stronger, are tailored to suit each individual patient’s needs. By finding the root of a problem this Practice aims to resolve a wide variety of muscular-skeletal conditions that may disrupt a person’s life and their ability to function well.